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Hi, I am Richard. Since I was in school, editing videos, photos, and creating video scripts has been my passion. Apart from this, I enjoy writing on Business niche. When you work with me, I assure you a power-packed work experience full of fun, professionalism, and excellence. Feel free to message me with your queries to see if I can be the right fit for your work.

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Review rate 4.56

customer-3701295 (1 Order)


May 04, 2021

This guy deserves an award for his video scripting skills. He was prompt and the script he created was outclass.

customer-3701296 (2 Order)


May 05, 2021

I just gave him a basic idea of what the video is going to be about, and with his expertise, he wrote an excellent video script.

customer-3701297 (4 Order)


May 06, 2021

He nailed the script! When I read the script, it brought me great excitement and energy.

customer-3701298 (1 Order)


Apr 07, 2021

The newsletter he designed for my exceeded my expectations. Great work.

customer-3701299 (10 Order)


Apr 08, 2021

Richard is wonderful to work with. I am so happy with his work and will definitely send him more newsletter projects in the future.

customer-3701300 (4 Order)


Apr 09, 2021

Delivered as promised. Thank you!

customer-3701301 (5 Order)


Apr 10, 2021

The newsletter I received from him was great. He is very professional with his work.

customer-3701302 (2 Order)


Apr 11, 2021

Great newsletter. It has helped me garner more traffic to the site and has increased the sales.

customer-3701303 (4 Order)


May 12, 2021

He drafted a newsletter in a quick turnaround time and the work quality was amazing.

customer-3701313 (7 Order)


May 14, 2021

I always get brochure content written by him and he is so good at it.

customer-3701305 (2 Order)


May 15, 2021

I loved the presentation. The presentation was created beautifully and the content was very useful without any redundant information.

customer-3701306 (1 Order)


May 16, 2021

The report was great. Thank you so much for the amazing service.

customer-3701307 (8 Order)


May 17, 2021

I highly recommend him for his business writing services. I have worked with him many times and I always enjoy working with him.

customer-3701308 (10 Order)


May 18, 2021

He is a very professional business proposal writer. He covers all the important points well and creates a well-drafted document.

customer-3701309 (11 Order)


May 19, 2021

Impeccable work. I am very happy with the business plan. Thanks a lot.

Richard Spencer

156 projects completed


Success Rate

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