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Hello, this is Courtney. I have a passion for writing and I am here to outsource my writing services. I have worked with New York Times and USA Today as a writer and editor. Before starting my journey as a writer, I got a graduate degree in English Literature from University of Michigan. I worked as a Lecturer for some time, but now I am here as a full-time writer.

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customer-3887353 (1 Order)


Apr 04, 2021

She composed a magazine article for my business and I am glad that I chose her. She works diligently and works keeping in mind all the guidelines.

customer-3887354 (2 Order)


Apr 05, 2021

Courtney wrote a well-thought and structured article for me. I loved working with her and she is very professional with her work.

customer-3887355 (3 Order)


Apr 06, 2021

I have tried multiple times to get articles approved by top selling magazines but to no use, however, this time, I asked Courtney to write an article for me. The article not only got approved, but also received a great response. Thanks a lot!!!

customer-3887356 (21 Order)


Apr 07, 2021

I got 10 articles written by her. She is very professional with her work and did a great job with the articles. I can’t wait to work with her again.

customer-3887357 (11 Order)


Apr 08, 2021

Her writing skills are beyond amazing. She writes so well and all the words and the structure go in flow. Great work, Courtney.

customer-3887358 (12 Order)


Apr 09, 2021

Writing a piece of content that would keep the reader motivated to read till the end is a difficult task. The articles Courtney provided me with were really beautifully written that I kept reading it and still did not get enough of it.

customer-3887359 (4 Order)


March 10, 2021

I was not able to complete a book as I was stuck in the middle. But then, I reached out to Courtney and discussed the storyline with. I was so impressed by her writing skills. She listened to the story effectively and then she transformed my thoughts into creative words. I am so impressed by her writing skills. She even delivered the work before the deadline.

customer-3887360 (15 Order)


March 11, 2021

I would give her book writing skills a ten out of ten score. She understood my thoughts well and sent me a draft to review. She revised it a couple of times upon asking and the final book was perfect, from the beginning till the end, it was written beautifully.

customer-3887361 (6 Order)


March 12, 2021

I would call myself lucky this time as I have previously worked with many ghostwriters but the content they provided was never up to the mark. But this time, I had a different experience. Courtney is a great person and is highly professional with her work. I highly recommend her for e-book writing services.

customer-3887362 (7 Order)


March 13, 2021

Very professional and is great at communication. She kept me updated about the progress and worked as per my instructions. It was great working with her.

customer-3887363 (1 Order)


Apr 14, 2021

She works efficiently and produced an amazing book. I can’t wait to work with her again.

customer-3887364 (2 Order)


Apr 15, 2021

She is the perfect book writer if anyone of you is looking to get a book written with minimal spelling errors and grammatical mistakes. I worked with her on an e-book and I am highly satisfied with her services.

customer-3887365 (10 Order)


May 04, 2021

I got a business proposal written by another ghost-writing agency but the outcome I received was very poor. So, upon my friend’s recommendation I hired Courtney to produce a business proposal for my business. She has got some amazing writing skills. Definitely using her services again.

customer-3887366 (2 Order)


May 05, 2021

I had a good time working with her. She delivers on time and is very good at communication.

customer-3887367 (1 Order)


May 06, 2021

I booked her writing services for profile writing and I am glad that I made this decision. She is great to work with.

customer-3887368 (1 Order)


May 07, 2021

She did an amazing job with my presentation. Everybody loved the presentation and found it very interesting.

customer-3887369 (20 Order)


May 08, 2021

I got a business report made by Courtney. I had a pleasant experience working with her.

customer-3887370 (1 Order)


May 09, 2021

I am so happy with my decision of working with her for my presentation. The presentation was amazing.

Prof. Courtney

335 projects completed


Success Rate

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