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How Do Americans Celebrate Christmas?

Christmas is the essential day for Christians from a religious point of view as it’s the day of Jesus Christ’s birthday. Americans celebrate this eve as an annual holiday and start planning and preparations before one to two months or during the season of Thanksgiving. People take professional cooking classes to learn unique dishes for the Christmas feast. Some start dieting to look prettiest at the Christmas party compared to others, collect different gifts, search for different ideas for arranging surprises, make invitation cards, and much more. There are lots of ways Americans use to make their Christmas memorable. Please read on to know a few of them.

Christmas Eve – American ways to celebrate this holiday

Americans celebrate Christmas in full swing. They plan to cheer their loved ones and send heart-melting notes to them. During the age of global pandemic or Omicron, people arrange online meetings by using online apps. They take snaps, design dresses, wrap different gifts, and upload status on social media. Some prepare to write different quotes or poems and practice for dancing or singing competitions. There are lots of things they try to make their Christmas parties and feasts enjoyable and memorable. Continue to know the best ones.

Distance never matters when they have the fastest internet

Some famous studies claim that 45% of people travel from one state to another to celebrate Christmas eve with their family and friends. But some people can’t travel, or the global pandemic situation doesn’t allow them for this. So, Americans use the internet to break the barriers of long-distance. They send pictures of Christmas-related cookies, cakes, dinner, and other arrangements to their loved ones. They connect them on a video call to celebrate Christian occasions. They also send gifts via online procedure along with chocolates and cookies.

Santa visit kids with gifts and surprises for greetings

Americans disguise themselves as Santa Claus (Father of Christmas) to cheer kids waiting for listening jokes and receiving Christmas gifts. Santa doesn’t spend quality time with children but with their families. Along with surprises, they play different games and sing songs. People make Santa Cookies for Santa Claus to thank them for making this occasion memorable.

Outdoor party

Well-known healthcare professionals suggest people avoid in-house or indoor gatherings to overcome the risk of Omicron or COVID-19. So, Americans arrange outdoor Christmas parties to celebrate their occasion without breaching the safety rules against a global pandemic. Some of them arrange a Barbeque along with sweets and bone fire. Meanwhile, they allow guests to play different games and dance. Most of them make arrangements for Christmas parties in their backyard by setting up social distancing. They indulge them with delicious hot chocolate.

Plan a movie night

People plan proper movie night to watch Christmas classics with popcorns, wine, cookies, and other drinks. The majority of them love to watch new Hallmark Christmas movies. But it doesn’t mean that this party is arranged for friends only. Most of them enjoy a movie night with their family and spend quality time after completing the movie. Siblings tell each other different stories or implement activities according to mutual interest. They take one month to plan this night, whether for family or friends.

Make special Christmas breakfast, lunch, and dinner

Christmas celebrations start in the early morning in the United States. Most people follow the schedule they have been planning for the past month or make decisions to surprise their loved ones. Preparation of special Christmas breakfast, lunch, and dinner is a common way for Americans to celebrate Christmas eve. So, after coming from the Church, they start cooking delicious dishes and baking customized cookies and cakes along with the stuff related to the Christmas occasion. Often people decorate cakes with the picture of Santa Clause and prepare a variety of savories according to the occasion. Cherry Crescent Ring, Gingerbread Belgian Waffles, and Pumpkins Cinnamon Rolls are some of my favorite ones.

Organize painting competition and decorate the house with colorful lights

Usually, traditional eves are boring for kids because they want to enjoy games and activities according to their level. They need to do something according to their interests. So, adult family members organize painting competitions and assign them a task to make painting according to Christmas eve. Also, they let them participate in decorating their house with colorful lights. They make a snowman or prepare a statue of Santa Clause outside their house under its boundary with greetings and wishes.

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