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Black Friday Vs. Cyber Monday – How Beneficial Is Black Friday?

Black Friday is the great grand sale organized by the marketers of the United States. It refers to the brick-and-mortar business owners. Cyber Monday refers to the discounted offers of online products that start after the long holiday weekend. When people return to work, they are willing to shop online. Online retailers don’t want to stay behind after seeing the outstanding success of traditional business via Black Friday. They offer promotions and discounts on all online items to compete with Black Friday activities offered by brick-and-mortar marketers. Cyber Monday proved to be the best way of taking online business at the top in terms of online sales.

According to authentic research, a five-day holiday weekend starting from Thanksgiving celebrations till Cyber Monday encourage 186.4 million consumers for online shopping in the United States. Researchers expect a significant increase in this ratio.

According to the research of 2020, more than 100 million consumers shopped online on Black Friday. In this way, online shopping increased 44% for the entire duration. Due to COVID-19, many retailers started offering Black Friday discounts online instead of using traditional methods. As a result, a five-day holiday from Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday helped the US tremendously economic boost.

Significance of Black Friday

Black Friday is the great grand shopping session that pinnacles the entire retail industry. It has been organized by the brick-and-mortar stores for business growth and the brand’s strong influence. It helps businesses to sell the previous stock. For instance, I have a clothing brand, and I sell stitched dresses with sizes such as extra small, small, medium, large, and extra-large. I sold one collection with medium and small sizes, and large-sized items are left. How will I release this stock? That’s where the Black Friday event will help me to solve this challenge.

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