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With 8+ years of experience in resume writing, I have written over 5000 resumes, and cover letters for different clients. My area of expertise includes writing resumes for the positions of HR, Sales, Finance, Accounting, IT, and Marketing. Whether you are applying for an entry level position or for an executive level position, I can create a resume for you. I am also great at business writing, proofreading, and editing.

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Review rate 4.72

customer-1982072 (1 Order)


Jan 04, 2020

I worked with Benjamin to create a resume. The resume he created was not only crisp looking, but also had a lot of information and relevant skills. I did not have much experience, but the way he created my resume was exceptional.

customer-1982073 (1 Order)


Jan 05, 2020

Awesome work at low rates. I got a resume with a cover letter made by him and I am totally amazed by his skills.

customer-1982074 (1 Order)


Jan 06, 2020

I am impressed by how great my resume turned out. When I first saw the resume she created for me, my first reaction was, “Wow, this looks great.” I could never write so much information in such a concise form.

customer-1982075 (1 Order)


May 07, 2020

It was my first time working with Online Creative Writers; hence, I was a bit reluctant. But I am so glad that I decided on working with him. He is great with his work.

customer-1982076 (1 Order)


May 08, 2020

Not everyone can write well for resume. But Benjamin is great at resume writing. I strongly recommend him.

customer-1982077 (1 Order)


May 09, 2020

I asked Benjamin to make a new resume for me as I changed my field to enter a new career. With such less experience, it felt impossible to create a resume, but Benjamin with his expertise made this possible. Thanks a lot!

customer-1982078 (1 Order)


May 10, 2020

He created a well-versed corporate profile for my business. The document was well-written and covered the business goals and visions strategically to leave a lasting impression.

customer-1982079 (1 Order)


May 11, 2020

The business profile he made was optimally written. He is a very dedicated writer and is proficient at writing sorted corporate profiles for every niche.

customer-1982080 (1 Order)


Sept 12, 2020

He knows how to establish a good image of a company with excellent business profile creation. Excellent work, Benjamin.

customer-1982081 (1 Order)


Sept 13, 2020

I was doubtful of my writing skills, so I partnered with Benjamin to create a professional executive summary. He delivered the work within the deadline and performed many revisions as well. It had a great working experience with him.

customer-1982082 (1 Order)


Sept 14, 2020

If it weren’t for him, I would not have been able to complete the presentation that I needed urgently. He made an excellent presentation that all the bosses and co-workers loved.

customer-1982083 (1 Order)


Sept 15, 2020

I contacted him to write a brochure content for a small business that I operate. I am really pleased by his work.

customer-1982084 (1 Order)


Sept 16, 2020

I wrote the website content for my business site, and to ensure the quality of my work, I got the web copy edited by Benjamin. He checked the whole content thoroughly, made the changes, and sent me the final document in just a few hours.

customer-1982085 (1 Order)


May 17, 2020

Excellent proofreading and editing service. Highly recommended!

customer-1982086 (1 Order)


Jan 18, 2020

The web copy I received from another ghostwriting agency had numerous grammatical mistakes and was very redundant. So, I hired Benjamin to edit it for me. I am really satisfied by his services.

customer-1982087 (1 Order)


Jan 19, 2020

Great person to work with. His proofreading skills are beyond amazing.

customer-1982088 (1 Order)


Jan 20, 2020

He gave my article a perfect structure and corrected all the grammatical errors. Excellent work.

customer-1982089 (1 Order)


Jan 21, 2020

I always send business documents to him for proofreading and he does an excellent job.

Benjamin Lucas

382 projects completed


Success Rate

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